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09/04/2017 12:20

A few years ago, I boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Kansas. The flight was full and delayed due to passengers who were left behind. The airline provided live entertainment with a humorous special program, enacted by the air hostesses, thus drawing our attention away from the frustrating delay we were experiencing. After about 20 minutes, a woman accompanied by her four year-old son boarded the aircraft appearing tired and weary. The pilot came on the PA system and announced that although our flight was delayed, we should be able to arrive in Kansas City on time.

09/04/2017 12:22

Okay, okay, I might have had some fun with this. As a Bostonian, I have been ingrained with the story of Paul Revere riding all night to warn the Minutemen of the arrival of the British. The history books tell us of the subsequent battle between the ragtag colonist militia and the world-beating redcoats from England. And the rest is history. So what will history say about the story of the internet of things? Some may argue that the coolness of IoT has already been relegated to the history books and that modern conversation revolves around blockchain. But the truth is that IoT really has only begun to creep into our everyday lives.

09/04/2017 12:23

Internet of Things (IoT) has spread like a wave. It is said to be the next big thing in technology and India is among the top contributors to this change. There is no doubt that India has always been quick in adapting to the technology evolution that is due to the futuristic leaders in respective space and the young talent of India. April 9th, 2017, YUPS in association with NASSCOM 10000 Startup warehouse, celebrates International IoT day and we are bringing the two generations under one roof to know their views on IoT, to know what is actually happening on ground level. Multiple research organizations reports about IoT trends, markets, business opportunities and innovative future jobs. Come, join us to know the ground reality. The event is also supported by Internet of Things, Mumbai (IoTMUM).

09/04/2017 18:10

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