IoTDay #IoTWomen livestream of 25 Global women

Join us on YouTube at for a livestream of interviews of 25 IoT women from around the world. Topics covered will be Robotics & AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart cities, IoT and Blockchain, Telehealth, Industrial IoT (many use cases), Smart Agriculture, IoT marks standards, Building IoT etc. Each woman will share their work and expertise in IoT for 15 min each. The women come from 15+ cities from London, Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, El Salvadore, Singapore, Texas, Seattle, Chile and more. The show is hosted by Sudha Jamthe (@sujamthe on Twitter) and Roxy Stimpson (@roxystimpson). Tweet questions or watch the livestream or track using the hashtag #IoTwoman and #IoTDay. The video will be archived after the livestream at the same TheIoTShowBySudhaJamthe channel on YouTube for free access. (
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Monday, April 9, 2018 - 09:00 to 15:00
sujamthe [at]
Sudha Jamthe
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