IoT Liverpool Meetup #39 - How to build cutting edge robots and smart devices with ROS

For our April meetup we are sooo excited to be talking about.... ROBOTS !!! Our guest speaker, Martí Morta, has worked in the field of robotics both in academia and industry. His main focus is mobile robotics, having developed with a wide range of technology, from 3D Lidar to four-wheeled mobile platforms, touching both hardware and software. Martí is one of the organisers of the meetup Bar-Robotics in Barcelona. On the IoT side of things, he created "ONNOW" a connected display, which was showcased at the first Liverpool Make Fest in 2015, and he has experimented with connected shot dispensers and connected LED lamps. Together with Martí we will discover the tools and architecture that the robotics framework "ROS" offers to control complex systems, We will also find out which affordable hardware we can use straight away with ROS and how to connect up to the web. Finally we'll have a look at the future with a brief introduction to ROS2 and the main differences between ROS2 vs ROS.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:00
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