IoT Hessen: Azure & the IoT

We are happy to welcome Christian Beier, Microsoft IoT Technology Solutions Professional and member of Black-Belt team. In cooperation with the Azure Meetup Frankfurt we will present 3 talks: - Azure IoT Edge - From Intelligent Cloud to Intelligent Edge (45 Min) Get an understanding how Microsoft Azure supports you to develop your business intelligence in the cloud and distribute it also to millions of IoT Edge devices. This session will highlight features of Azure IoT Edge and how to use modern DevOps tools to develop your business logic in the cloud and deploy it to the place where you need it. - Azure IoT and OPC-UA (60 Min) Connect your factory in 60 minutes - Get an understanding how you can leverage Azure IoT Edge with OPC-UA to connect your production lines and gain new insights and transparency on the condition of your production lines. - Device Streams (30 Min) Azure IoT Hub device streams is a new PaaS service that addresses these needs by providing a foundation for secure end-to-end connectivity to IoT devices. Customers, partners, application developers, and third-party platform providers can leverage device streams to communicate securely with IoT devices that reside behind firewalls or are deployed inside of private networks. Furthermore, built-in compatibility with the TCP/IP stack makes device streams applicable to a wide range of applications involving both custom proprietary protocols as well standards-based protocols such as remote shell, web, file transfer and video streaming, among others. Speakers: Christian Beier - Microsoft 1st degree connection1st IoT Technology Solutions Professional Damir Dobric - daenet GmbH Lead software Architect - daenet GmbH, Microsoft Azure MVP and Region Director. This meetup is organized in cooperation with the Azure Meetup Frankfurt. You can register via both meetups. Please do not register twice.
Event Date/Time: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 18:00 to 21:00
diana.kupfer [at]
codecentric AG & daenet GmbH
Kreuznacher Str. 30
60486 Frankfurt