IoT Day IoT Show online by Sudha Jamthe

I will be streaming a series of 5-6 video interviews on IoT Day at 9am in several time zones with interviews of IoT experts to showcase best pra ctice in various use cases and showcase what is happening in IoT in different countries. My sessions will focus on Business models and value creation from data. So get ready to learn about - 1. What is the technology of data in an IoT ecosystem? 2. How did ICT systems become IOT systems 3. What are open data initiatives from around the world? 4. What are IoT data business models? 5 How do you define the value of data with IoT And AI? 6. What is Conceptual Commerce? 7. How does messaging in IoT add to HCI? 8. How is IoT evolving in Building Automation, Smart cities, in Sustainability for Africa, ICT systems in India and more ... Join my YouTube channel and watch for many streams starting 8.30pm PDT April 8th/5.30pm CET April 9th ) and go on all day April 9th in Asia, Europe, and Americas.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019 (All day)
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