Internet of nano-things (IoNT)

Progress in the reception / transmission of radio signals at the nanoscale (graphene, hybrid nanoantennes, terahertz revolution ...) opens up a vision for the future of distributed networks and systems of nanodevices. Including, deployed internally in biological organisms. Interaction with such an "Internet" of nano-things that have significant quantum properties requires a significant restructuring of the language and consciousness. Adequate and harmonious use in the professional and everyday spheres of life of concepts and tools of quantum communications: quantum semiotics, quantum linguistics, quantum semantics, etc. For example, what is the role of quantum entanglement in the weak links between a sub-levels of emerging complex socio-technical systems? Speakers: Prof. Vladimir Arshinov (IPH RAS) Dr. Denis Andreyuk (Vice President of Russian Nanotechnologies Society) Dr. Vadim Chekletsov (Russian IoT-center) Organisator: Russian IoT-center
Event Date/Time: 
Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 19:00 to 21:00
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Russian IT-center
Strastnoy Boulevard 12/1
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