2018: 69 iotday events


NF | Toronto

Industrial Automation Co. provides tons of info and parts for all types of industrial electronics and networking equipment.

TiE IoT Day

IN | Bengaluru - Online Activity

TiE IoT Day 2018 is a day-long event by TiE Bangalore celebrating International IoT Day and the burgeoning IoT startup ecosystem in India. The event is scheduled for Saturday, 21st April at SAP Labs... Read More

Saudi International Exhibition & Conference for Internet of Things

SA | Riyadh

Saudi IoT is a flagship event of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aiming at “Redefining Communications” in the region for the... Read More

MQTT, Music & Mixed Drinks

DE | Frankfurt

Time to celebrate – even if it's Friday the 13th – for 2 reasons: MQTT 5 is out and IoT Hessen has been around (officially) for 3 years. Dominik Obermaier (dc-square, Twitter: @dobermai), one of... Read More

IoT Without Limits Contest!

US | San Francisco - Online Activity

Helium, SparkFun, and Google Cloud IoT are coming together to give away a suit case full of cold, hard cash in the name of IoT and distributed sensing applications. We're... Read More

ForceShield Launches DeviceShield for IoT Security Without Signature Updates

US | Palo Alto

https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180409005356/en/ForceShield-Launches-DeviceShield-IoT-... Read More

Create your first LoRA gateway and node with The Things Network

ES | Madrid

This afternoon we will celebrate IoT Day with a hands-on activity at Makespace Madrid. We will construct our own LoRA gateway and a... Read More

Workshop The Things Network - Madrid

ES | Madrid - Online Activity

1st edition of our TTN Workshop featuring: - LoRaWAN node build with open-door sensor attached - Single-channel gateway build - Link test - IoT Platforms... Read More

IoT Day @ Torry Harris Business Solutions

IN | Bangalore - Online Activity

Along with other technology houses across the world, THBS also planning to host an event on 9th of April to commemorate IoT Day. It will take place... Read More


AT | Vienna - Online Activity

Unifying analog, digital, human and physical ecosystems, the #com-lab aims to oversee what steem... Read More

Intro to IoT Workshop

IN | Mysuru

->Hands-on workshop on NodeMCU development platform. ->Deploying simple python scripts on Raspberry Pi. ->Dig deeper into the Arduino Sketch Environment. ->Interfacing various sensors with... Read More

Into to IoT Workshop

IN | Mysuru

Emerging technologies in IoT will be discussed and hands-on session with open source IoT platforms like nodeMCU and arduino

IoT Day Baghdad

IQ | Baghdad - Online Activity

'IoT Circles - Iraq' will be conducting online show and tell more about IoT concepts, protocols, platforms, architectures on our 'IoT Circles - Iraq Facebook Group' on IoT Day.

IoT Day London (9th of April) - IoT discussion for everyone

GB | London

We will gather at Burlock at 18:30 till 21:00 to drink and speak informally about IoT. Join us for an after office drink to discuss about IoT... Read More

IoT @ Disney

US | Anaheim - Online Activity

Rob Tiffany will be tweeting and livestreaming all the consumer IoT and hidden Industrial IoT that powers the happiest place on Earth.

#IOT Exploring Refugee Open Tech Training and Retraining

UG | Arua

Uganda is hosting a vast number of refugees from South Sudan that have flowed into the country over the past year as people flee civil war,... Read More

IoTDay #IoTWomen livestream of 25 Global women

US | San Jose - Online Activity

Join us on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/c/TheIoTShowBySudhaJamthe for a livestream of interviews of 25 IoT women from around the world.... Read More

ForceShield, IoT Defender, is launching a new IoT security solution on IoT Day

US | Palo Alto - Online Activity

On IoT Day, April 9, 2018, ForceShield will be announcing the immediate availability... Read More

Free IoT-webinar hosted by adnexo

CH | Zurich - Online Activity

This webinar is designed for entrepreneurs, manufacturers and representatives of companies either seeking answers to their specific questions about IoT or having a... Read More

TBMI IoT lecture at Aarhus University

DK | Herning

As part of the technology based business model innovation course we are giving a full day about the Internet of Things. The lecture is held at Aarhus University at the Herning... Read More

SF IoT meetup: A Tale of Two (Smart) Cities

US | San Francisco

April 9 is IoT Day- celebrate with the SF IoT meetup community! We'll hear about a Tale of Two (Smart) Cities and also learn about the topics and verticals IoT... Read More

#IoTDay Twitter Chat with #WatsonIoT

DE | München - Online Activity

Join IBM Internet of Things experts for a fast, fun discussion of topics important to people, businesses and industries at large. What opportunities exists with the... Read More

IoT Day Celebration @ Nexiot - 9th April 2018

IN | Bangalore - Online Activity

'IoT Day - 9th April 2018 ' is being celebrated across the world coming Monday. IoT is evolving fast and becoming an Integral part of almost... Read More

IoT Day Celebration - 9th April 2018

IN | Bangalore - Online Activity

'IoT Day - 9th April 2018 ' is being celebrated across the world coming Monday. IoT is evolving fast and becoming an Integral part of almost every Industry... Read More

World IoT Day with IET India IoT Panel

IN | Bengaluru

The IET India IoT Panel members will meet and discuss activities for 2018. Whitepapers around various themes within IoT will be released. Write to Neha Abhyankar for an... Read More

Role of IoT in Smart Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Development

IN | Kochi

The session aims to cover areas like : Opportunities in smart infrastructure 1. Smart energy. 2. Smart waste management... Read More

IoT: The epicentre of the cognitive age

ES | Madrid

We will join the IoT Day celebration by presenting practical and interactive demonstrations of Data Science and IoT solutions: How to optimize a public bicycle-sharing system; How to... Read More

Internet of Things, epicenter of the cognitive era

ES | Madrid

The event aims to underline how present and future solutions of business problems stem from the convergence and combination of different technologies and how... Read More


IN | Chirala - Online Activity

Discusions On IOT For Health Care Between Prof.D.r Ande Murali Varaprasad Director, Center For ISRO GNSS Studies, SACET INDIA and Team with1) P.rof.Ricardo Armentno UTN.BA,Argentina 2) Prof.... Read More

IoTDay 2018 - Washington, DC

US | Olney - Online Activity

Theme this year is "Smart Cities"

Introducción al Internet de las Cosas (IoT)

VE | Caracas

La capacidad del ser humano para crear y producir cultura es un hecho evolutivo incontrovertible e irrefutable, una de esas creaciones transformadoras del hombre... Read More

IoT Afterday Legal Coffee Meeting

ES | Madrid - Online Activity

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robots regulation and drones An experts meeting on the actual law trends on artificial intelligence, IoT, Robots and drone regulation.... Read More

IoT Day 2018 - Career Fair

IN | Bangalore

To celebrate IoT Day, we are conducting a Career Fair for IoT professionals. Meet recruiters, understand their mindset for talent search, and explore IoT jobs on offer. We will have a mix of IoT... Read More

IoT NY #53: Exploring Edge Computing on IoT Day

US | New York - Online Activity

The number of connected machines (20+ billion, not including smartphones or traditional computers/servers) has already eclipsed our own human... Read More

IoT meetup

AR | Córdoba

We moved the appointment to make the third edition of our meetup coincide with IoT day. This time we have 3 local start-ups telling us about their connected devices developments. The host University will present their IoT... Read More

London Internet of Things Meetup Spring Showcase

GB | London

For IoT Day, we organise a bi-yearly showcase of companies working in the internet of things in London and beyond. Join us for nibbles, drinks and an informal... Read More

IoT Day Helsinki

FI | Helsinki

To celebrate the 8th annual IoT day, global full stack IoT operator BaseN is happy to host an IoT meetup at BaseN HQ at Salmisaarenaukio 1, 00180 Helsinki. BaseN invites all IoT enthusiasts to join the event and... Read More

IoT Day Agronegócio

BR | Londrina

This IoT Day will be released in the Expo Londrina 2018, an agrobusiness big fair in Brazil. We will talk about trends, technologies and cases where IoT is changing the way thar farms goods are managed.

IoT Liverpool Meetup 32: Andy Stanford-Clark - "Innovation Begins at Home"

GB | Liverpool

To celebrate both IoT Day and our first meetup in the awesome new location for DoES Liverpool we... Read More

5th World Machine Learning and Deep Learning Congress

AE |

With the support of Organizing Committee Members, 5th World Machine Learning and Deep Learning Congress (Machine Learning 2018) is scheduled to be held... Read More


PL | Warszawa

During the meeting (in Polish) , you will see how to build your own voice assistant on the basis of google speech API, libraries such as snowboy and the legendary infobot.

IoT for Social Good

IN | Gurugram - Online Activity

It will be a roadmap event for IoT Learning drive across education institutes, universities under below themes: 1."Connected Universities: Connected Dreams" 2."Connected Schools: Connected... Read More

IoT Day São Paulo

BR | São Paulo

April 9th, 2018, 9h - 17h CITI / USP - http://www.lsi.usp.br/citi/ The internet of things is becoming more pervasive every day. Recent developments on hardware, sensors and ways to store data in a... Read More

MODEX 2018

US | Atlanta

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things are here, and they’re impacting manufacturing and supply chain operations every day. At MODEX, you’ll find the insight, perspective and solutions necessary to face today’s... Read More

IoT DaY 2018 Moscow. IoT Security&Sustainable development

RU | Moscow - Online Activity

More than 20 speakers. Organized by oldest russian IoT community, official partner of IoT Council, Russian IoT center... Read More


BR | São Paulo

The Brazilian Association of Internet of Things promotes IoT Day in São Paulo in 2018 around themes in favor of the expansion of IoT in Brazil. Interested participants are invited to join us in sessions, speeches and... Read More

IoT Day. IoT Security: Risks and Challenges

ES | Madrid

IoT devices are spreading throughout multiple markets and scenarios. They are adding connectivity to millions of devices that had never been connected before. But,... Read More


RU | Ufa - Online Activity


IoT Day Germany

DE | Chemnitz

The team of Miteinander ("Together") from the University of Chemnitz hosts a session around the topics of Ideation, Privacy and Ethics concerning the Internet of Things (IoT). Interested participants are invited to join... Read More

NGI Saloon – Ljubljana “Future NGI ecosystems and role of SME in NGI”

SI | Ljubljana

NGI is a coherent set of centralized protocols that need to be operationalized in a fully... Read More

IoT Day Eindhoven: Building Meaningful Bridges

NL | Eindhoven

An afternoon of presentations, workshops and discussion around building meaningful bridges between humans and technology; from more creative and humanized... Read More

IoT Day Auckland mini-conference

NZ | Auckland

The IoT Auckland Meetup group is show casing a number of Internet of Things ventures, representing several project teams and organisations. This will be a lively, informative and... Read More

NZ IoT Day

NZ | New Zealand - Online Activity

A curated programme of Events across the Country to mark IoT Day and join the global IoT community. Events across the country will also be live-streamed as part of the Auckland IoT Day event.

Virtual Summit -- hosted by the Industrial Internet Consortium

US | Needham - Online Activity

The Internet of Things is changing the world, and members of the Industrial Internet Consortium are leading the charge... Read More

IoT Day 2018 Hangout at MechArtLab

CH | Zürich

To celebrate #IoTDay 2018, April 9th, we will hang out at the MechArtLab for more or less the whole day. Drop by to chat about IoT, have a drink, hack... Read More


DK | Copenhagen S

The IT University of Copenhagen, ETHOS Lab and H2020 project VIRT-EU invite you to join us to explore ethical questions arising in the world of IoT. You will have the opportunity to participate in an ETHOS Lab... Read More

IoT Day FACENS 2018

BR | Sorocaba - Online Activity

Palestras, Workshops e Cursos Hands On.

IoT Day Mumbai

IN | Mumbai - Online Activity

Internet of Things (IoT) has spread like a wave. It is said to be the next big thing in technology and India is among the top contributors to this change. There is no doubt that India has always been... Read More

Identity of Trust - The Hague

NL | The Hague

Thought leader round table about Technology - Law - Ethics

Día de Internet de las Cosas SV 2018

SV | San Salvador

Un día de charlas, actividades, demostraciones y muestras de proyectos de Internet de las Cosas, con el objetivo de compartir con la audiencia el tipo de proyectos que... Read More

IoTday stockholm

SE | Stockholm

We will gather at @STHLMthings, KTH Royal Institute of Technology , Stockholm Sweden 13:00 to 21:00 local time Interested? What would make you interested? just drop an email with suggestions or ideas.


RU | Moscow - Online Activity

Internet of things Association, Russian Association of industrial internet and Internet initiatives development foundation (IIDF) is organizing a cross-Russia 3 hours event to share the... Read More

Metamorphosing Me with Reverse mentors

CA | Sidney - Online Activity

http://www.contractormag.com/iot/metamorphosing-me Please share your adventures from iotday and your young metamorphic me mentors Don’t take notes, take... Read More

Día Internacional del Internet de las Cosas México

MX | Azcapotzalco - Online Activity

Este evento tiene la misión de difundir el concepto y el trabajo que se está desarrollando en torno al Internet de... Read More

Internet of Things Meetup 30: Laura Pullig on visual art, sensors & e-textiles!

GB | Liverpool

We're pleased as punch to announce our first IoT Liverpool meetup of 2018... with Laura Pullig... Read More

IoT Day Temuco

CL | Temuco

First IoT day at Temuco City, hosted by public entities such as Universidad de la Frontera, and private companies such as DataGrowler and others. Event to be hold at iDea Ufro facilities, Ufro campus.

International IoT Days Rotterdam

NL | Rottterdam

International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam we explore the concept of IoT and discuss and rethink it’s implications for people and society. We invite citizens, governments,... Read More

IoTs for all ( IoT4ALL)

PK | Islamabad - Online Activity

IoT Center Pakistan ( IoT-Center.pk ) in Coordination with its partner organizations ( Government / Universities / Startups / NGOs / Chambers / Cooperates ) is organizing a awareness... Read More

IoT Day 2018 in Ghent! IoT meets Crypto! Met Bitbelgium

BE | Gent

Discussing iotday with the Meetup Ghent. 1900 -2100 Venue tbc Internet of Things is about linking up the gateways between the networks: BAN (... Read More