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Arduino Day

Italy | Torino
Arduino Day is the yearly event gathering people from all over the world to distributedly celebrate the creation of the Arduino Platform back in 2005. Find an event close to you or follow the…


Manage your TTN Gateways from V2 to V3 with balena

Welcome to the 8th virtual IoT Barcelona meetup and let's celebrate the IoT Day (9th of April). Taking advantage of the virtual meetup (again), we will talk about the latest The Things…


Career Pivot Pioneers!

What do you want to be when you grow up? All of us had to answer this question starting from age 3, but some of us have not stopped asking this question for ourselves throughout our lives The ones…


Internet of Things Days Rotterdam 2021

The Netherlands | ROtterdam
From Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 April, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is organising the 9th edition of the International Internet of Things Days. This week offers you an online programme full…


IoT Womansplaning (22 hours sessions by 22 IoT Woman)

Global (multiple cities, Live stream is from California, US from 9am pt to 4pm pt) | Global
IoT Women from around the world are coming together on a CareerPivot these this year for IoTDay on April 9th. Join us to learn a topic under the umbrella of IoT and AI from the experts in the…


IoT Day Africa Talks

Africa | Africa
How is the IoT doing in Africa? For the Global IoT Day on the 9th of April, Waziup e.V. and their partners are organizing an online event on the African IoT ecosystem. It's the occasion to…


Disposable Identities, what are they and how will they make life better (also in COVID times)

Belgium | Gent
We will take a walk in the Zuidpark in Ghent, as we will probably still be in COVID rules. We can get some coffee and cake and after a brief talk we can discuss.


Building the Internet of Trust

Belgium | Brussels
IoT involves the connection between humans, non-human physical objects, and cyber objects, enabling monitoring, automation, and decision making. This connection is inherently complex. As a…


IoT Day Roundtable with 4 EU H2020 Projects

Europe - online | Europe - online
To celebrate Global IoT Day, we are holding an online discussion on the latest developments of the industry with some of the premier partners of IoT research. The Roundtable will begin with the…


IoT&IIoT Day Russia

Russia | Moscow
On April 9, for the fourth time, Russia will host the IoT&IIoT Day Russia, organized by the Internet of Things Association (IOTAS) and the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF). The main…


5G and IoT Security

Iran | Tehran
The brave new world of 5G promises to bring unprecedented speed and scale to IoT operations and comes with a new generation of security threats. 5G IoT services will no longer neatly fit into the…


IoT Day Belarus+World 2021

Belarus | Minsk
9 апреля 2021 Белорусское сообщество инженеров и участников рынка Интернета вещей в третий раз отмечает Всемирный день Интернета вещей - IoT Day. По этому случаю мы проводим митап IoT Day Belarus+…


IoT Day Meetup : IoT & The 4IR

Ghana | Accra
IoT Day Meetup is an event to educate participants on the Role of Internet of Things in the 4th Industrial Revolution, The Applications, Opportunities, Challenges and Threats.


reuse.city - tech for waste prevention

Germany | Berlin
Online co-design workshop to explore speculative ideas of technology to promote the reuse of second-hand goods and materials in contemporary cities. It is part of an EU/H2020 funded PhD research…


IoT-day 2021. Remote affinity: entanglement & coherence

Russia | Moscow
We`ll try to figure out cross-disciplinary areas of such a fields as quantum semiotics and quantum biology with today and future emergent technologies Connect to Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/…


IoT Day Slam 2021

IoT Slam - is organized by the Internet of Things Community™ - (IoT Community). Join us Online, April 9th, 2021 and in-person at our IoT Slam Live event June 24th, 2021. Join us FREE to validate…


IoT Virtual Day - Argentina

Argentina | Buenos Aires
El Internet de las cosas está revolucionando de forma muy importante el mundo entero. Su consolidación en la transformación de los procesos de negocio mediante el mantenimiento predictivo, mejora en…



Special event organized by Facens (Brazil) and Kiet University (India) about Smart Campus. Workshop related with project proposals and possible collaborations at IoT area for both institution. 09/…


IoT Day FACENS 2021

Brasil | Sorocaba
Participe da live sobre IoT e o impacto nos negócios e nas Cidades Inteligentes. A live será realizada pela Profa. Dra. Regiane Relva Romano, diretora do Smart Campus FACENS.


Zürich IoT Day 2021 Virtual Meetup

Switzerland | Zürich
We're celebrating #IoTDay 2021, details TBA. Everybody is welcome! (https://www.iotday.org/ is a global bottom-up initiative, started by https://twitter.com/robvank & https://twitter.com/…


IoT Day Brazil 2021 Online Conference

Brazil | São Paulo
THE LARGEST INTERNATIONAL IOT EVENT IN THE WORLD ALSO IN BRAZIL - 6h Event - +2,000 Subscribers - +1,000 Simultaneous Participants - +12 Lectures and Round Tables - 2 Special Panels - Case…


The Ubiquiti Breach - Security Consistencies We Should Be Learning From

United States | Carlsbad
If you missed our last webinar, don't worry, Phosphorus is hosting another fantastic discussion this week! We hope you'll join us for an intriguing discussion on recent IoT breaches we…


How every day is our Automated Buildings Industry's "IOTDay" but we are Adapting

Canada | SIDNEY
April issue "Adaptation" What has 50 years in the industry taught me? The more I learn the less I know, but "Adaptation" is our survival superpower. As our mediums of…


Home of Sensemakers: the Resonsible Living IoT Lab

Netherlands | Amsterdam
The Marineterrein.nl in Amsterdam has been home for the Sensemakers Community for a very long time now. It is also a living lab with a lot of experiments concerning IoT. And it hosts the Responsable…