2019: 8 iotday events

Día Internacional del Internet de las Cosas

MX | Azcapotzalco

Por definir

IoT in Action in Pakistan

PK | Islamabad - Online Activity

We ( www.IoT-Center.pk ) are bringing all Stakeholders of IoT in one room to put in Place an ECO-System for IoTs Transformation

International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam

NL | Rotterdam

"Who's in charge?" Trough keynotes, lectures, workshops and debates we discuss who has a say in data, networks and algorithms that inform and connect us. Is... Read More

NAB Show April 8-11, 2019 | Free Exhibits Pass

US | Las Vegas,

From creation to distribution to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show brings together the entire digital ecosystem... Read More

IoT Day UNIFacens

BR | Sorocaba

Workshops, articles, posters, congress, exibitions and networking, all for universities, companies and municipalities. The event will be suported by Qualcomm IoT Reference Center Powered By Facens and IoT... Read More

Free Webinar - Monetization Capabilities: Demonstrating the value of IoT

US | East Hartford - Online Activity

Join Cyient’s IoT experts, Sean Otto and Matt Winkler, for the third webinar in our three-... Read More

IoT Day in Ghent

BE | Gent

We meet and celebrate IoT. We do reflect of course. We are aware of the Matrix. But we think we can build a fairytale as well.