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Secure Device Identity for Healthcare

Global | Global
In this webcast, we’ll explain how manufacturers are working to help consumers by building security into Internet of Things (IoT) devices before they are ever released to the public. We’ll also cover…


IoT Waikato collaborative event across Australia & NZ

New Zealand and Australia | Various
The IoT Waikato Tech meetup is an event for innovators, thought leaders and organisations interested in developing the Internet of Things (IoT) in the Waikato and NZ. An opportunity to get together…


Fighting COVID-19 with Digital Twins

United States | Seattle
With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, knowledge is our best weapon in fighting this pandemic and associated economic collapse. Digital Twin technology is perfectly suited to represent people who have…


Virtual Coffeehouse -- Transforming Industries with IoT

Global | Virtual
Be together; apart. Network with industrial internet industry experts, spark discussions with featured thought leaders and find resources for Digital Transformation. Join the ongoing conversation or…


IoTday a decade, lessons learned and where to go from here

Belgium | Ghent
Let's hav e. a chat if. you want on IoTDay. Mail me at rvk@theinternetofthings.eu and I will send you a link to chat on. April 9. We love to hear your stories.


IoT for the Green New Deal

Italy | Rome
The Green New Deal implies profound economic and social transformations that are not limited to just the energy transition and the fight against climate change but also entail a new economic and…


Managing Supply Chains in the context of COVID-19. AIOTI webinar

Belgium | Brussels
An exploration of the challenges to dealing with complex supply chains during and after COVID-19 and the role of IoT in the prevention, detection and solution of disruptive events. Speakers: Wael…


Nexiot IoT Community Event : World IoT Day - Launch of IoT Directory Service

India | Bangalore
9th April 2020 is celebrated worldwide as ‘ World IoT Day‘. ‘IoT Day’ started in 2010 and is to celebrate IoT advancement & adoption . Amidst the COVID-19 lock down, We will still keep the…


Internet of things and COVID19 (Global Online Meetup )

Russia | Moscow
The Internet of Things global community consists of developers and experts, who use in routine workflow the advantages provided by information and communication technologies and innovative projects.…



Iran | Tehran
An IoT pentest searches for security flaws in the object’s entire ecosystem: hardware, embedded software, communication protocols, servers, mobile applications, APIs and Web interfaces. https://…


COVID-19 Hospital equipment tracker

Switzerland | Lausanne
Join volunteers at EVRYTHNG , a UK based company that allows control of supply chain and direct engagement with customers. We have developed a solution based on our technology to track hospital…


IoT Day Slam 2020 VIRTUAL Internet of Things Conference, in Celebration of World IoT Day 2020

Online | Online
Welcome to the Second Annual IoT Day Slam 2020 conference, in celebration of World IoT Day 2020 and the Internet of Things Community's eleventh international conference - which commences on…


IoTDay Global 2020

USA | Washington, DC
This event will be host from Washington, DC but will include other countries including India, Saudi Arabia, US, Sweden. to name a few. The focus is on IoT for renewable energy, telemedicine,…


IoT Day Party – Belarus Onlin

Belarus | Minsk
April 9 is the International Day of Internet of Things. We join the world community and gather colleagues! Register for an online meeting of the Belarusian community of engineers and…


ThingsCon informal gathering online on trustable technology

online | Berlin
In this session we like to catch up with you on opinions on trust in IoT and the Trustmark, that we can use in the later to organize masterclass at the Salon half of June. We will be opening the…


IoT Cybersecurity Talk

Germany | Stuttgart
A youtube lifestream about IoT Cybersecurity fails and what developers and companies can learn from failing. Mirko Ross will discuss with Experts arround the globe. 9th April, 17:00 CET iotday…


A surveillance pandemic? A community listening session on emergent post-COVID trends, from contact tracking to special powers

The Internet | The Internet
Several of the smartest people we know in the Net activism space are worried. SARS-CoV-2 will be defeated, at some point; but it might leave behind new limitations to civil liberties and privacy. We…


LEC Webinar: Keeping Distance Without Losing Control of Water/Wastewater Infrastructure

United States | Jackson
NOW, MORE THAN EVER, the technology-enabled capability to not only monitor, but to truly CONTROL the mission-critical operations of water and wastewater systems remotely via the Cloud is vital…


IoTC NOW | Connected Health & Wellness in the era of COVID-19

United States | New York City (Fully Online)
The coronavirus outbreak is a global crisis that is impacting nearly every facet of life, perhaps none more than the medical field. As brave health care workers treat patients globally, telemedicine…


IoT Zurich #IoTDay 2020 Virtual Meetup

Switzerland | Zurich
Celebrate #IoTDay 2020 with the IoT Zurich community, everybody is welcome! This will be a virtual meetup with presentations by IoT Zurich members. https://www.meetup.com/IoT-Zurich/events/…


Russian IoT Day 2020: Love, Death and Robots

Russia | Moscow
The Internet of Things global community consists of developers and experts, who enjoy the routine workflow of the advantages provided by information and communication technologies and innovative…


IoT Day Brasil Online Conference

Brazil | São Paulo
This year, due to the new corona virus, the event will be held for the first time in a virtual way. Mediated by Paulo Spacca, President of ABINC, and Flavio Maeda, Vice President of ABINC, the…


#IoTWomen IoTDay

The World | The World
HeForSheIoT Women to Interview for IoTDay Join us all day for IOTDay covering IoT Women all day #IoTDay. Learn online from brilliant IoTWomen - IoT makers, Data and AI, Digital Twins...…


IOT Day 2020 for Greater Atlanta

USA | Atlanta
CDAIT Co-Founder and Chair of its Executive Advisory Board Jeff Evans to Keynote IoT Day Online Event Organized by Greater Atlanta Internet of Things (G.A.I.T.) Meetup on April 9, 2020, 6:00pm - 7:…


SF IoT Meetup- IoT Day gathering

CA | San Francisco
Since 2010, April 9 has been celebrated as IoT Day. Let's gather virtually and take the opportunity to re-connect and check in on each other. Many of us miss the in-person interaction and are…