2019: 28 iotday events

IoT Day Germany - Ideating of Things

DE | Chemnitz

We - the research group "Miteinander" from Chemnitz, Saxony - research Tools that foster creativity and reflexivity, that helps evaluate possibilities and consequences, that allow to... Read More

IoT.hink! Club Adventure Day - Explore and Connect

DK | Herning

Go around campus and pick the thing you would like to connect. Take a photo of it. Use a sentence or two to describe your idea. Then you`ll have to post... Read More

IoT Day: Blockchain in IoT with Barbara

ES | Madrid

Come and celebrate with us the IoT Day 2019. On this occasion, we want to bring you a business case on how Blockchain technology can be applied in IoT projects. More specifically,... Read More

IoT Day IoT Show online by Sudha Jamthe

US | - - Online Activity

I will be streaming a series of 5-6 video interviews on IoT Day at 9am in several time zones with interviews of IoT experts to showcase best pra ctice in various... Read More

IoT Day with IET IoT Panel

IN | Bangalore

The IET IoT Panel is a neutral and credible platform for the Internet of Things, led by volunteers of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, one of the world’s oldest and largest professional... Read More

IoT day: from the lab to the field

ES | Valencia

In this event we want to show real examples of the use of IoT and ICTs for the "social good". For the social good, we refer to a "good" or a service that benefits the greatest number of people in... Read More

IoT Day Slam 2019

GB | llandysul - Online Activity

The inaugural IoT Day Slam™ 2019 - an IoT Slam production and the IoT Community - Internet of Things Community's eighth international IoT conference - which commences on April 9th, 2019 on-line... Read More

The day to celebrate Desirable Delightful Diverting Disruption

CA | Sidney - Online Activity

IoTday is an open invitation to the Internet of Things Community to set up an event, a lunch, a talk with the... Read More

Technology Based Business Model Innovation

DK | Herning

Masters course focusing on IoT and Business Model Innovation.

IoT Day Barcelona

ES | Barcelona

Come to celebrate the Internet of Things Day at the IoT meetup @ Barcelona. We will have beers and interesting speakers talking about what's hot on the Internet of Things after the MWC 2019. Speakers will be... Read More

Nexiot IoT Day 2019 : Enabling Technologies for IoT Developers

IN | Bangalore

This is a 1/2 day program planned at Bangalore by Nexiot. We would be providing update on IoT adoption - trends... Read More

IoT day Kwarabuild

NG | Ilorin - Online Activity

This year's IoT day event will feature talks and panel sessions on how IoT is transforming sectors across the world and how it can be applied to solve problems being faced across different economic... Read More

IoT&IIoT day Russia

RU | Moscow - Online Activity

Internet of things Association and Internet initiatives development foundation (IIDF) is organizing a cross-Russia 4 hours event to share the perspective use cases, business models and... Read More

IoT Hessen: Azure & the IoT

DE | Frankfurt

We are happy to welcome Christian Beier, Microsoft IoT Technology Solutions Professional and member of Black-Belt team. In cooperation with the Azure Meetup Frankfurt we will present 3 talks... Read More

IoT SensemakersAMS Special on Banking of Things

NL | Amsterdam

We celebrate IoTDay with a special event; a workshop where you learn to let smart devices send notifications and pay autonomously.

IoT Zürich Meetup #IoTDay 2019

CH | Zurich

Everybody is welcome! See link for details.

IoT Day Ghana 19

GH | Accra

The event will focus on creating awareness on Internet of things among the Ghanaian tech communities and institutions, and the need for us to embrace this new technology. There will be an open discussion on how we can... Read More

Dealing with IoT Disruption in Our industry

CA | Sidney - Online Activity

We will tell the world how we are embracing our IoT disruptions. We will make IOTDay part of our April issue http://AutomatedBuildings.com #RUIOTREADY... Read More

IoT Day South Sudan

SS | Juba

The south Sudan IoT day event will feature talks and panel sessions on how IoT is transforming sectors across the world and how it can be applied to solve problems and end it up with contact sharing and a repair... Read More

IoT / LoraWAN Hackathon

NL | Emmen

Internet of Things / LoraWAN Hackathon March 9th and 10th 2019 we are organizing our Internet-of-Things/LoraWAN-Hackathon at the venue of Smart Factory Technologies Added in Emmen, The Netherlands for... Read More

IoT day Nigeria

NG | Lagos

This year's IoT day event will feature talks and panel sessions on how IoT is transforming sectors across the world and how it can be applied to solve problems being faced across different economic sectors in Nigeria. The... Read More

Día Internacional del Internet de las Cosas

MX | Azcapotzalco

Por definir

IoT in Action in Pakistan

PK | Islamabad - Online Activity

We ( www.IoT-Center.pk ) are bringing all Stakeholders of IoT in one room to put in Place an ECO-System for IoTs Transformation

International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam

NL | Rotterdam

"Who's in charge?" Trough keynotes, lectures, workshops and debates we discuss who has a say in data, networks and algorithms that inform and connect us. Is... Read More

IoT Day UNIFacens

BR | Sorocaba

Workshops, articles, posters, congress, exibitions and networking, all for universities, companies and municipalities. The event will be suported by Qualcomm IoT Reference Center Powered By Facens and IoT... Read More

Free Webinar - Monetization Capabilities: Demonstrating the value of IoT

US | East Hartford - Online Activity

Join Cyient’s IoT experts, Sean Otto and Matt Winkler, for the third webinar in our three-... Read More

IoT Day in Ghent

BE | Gent

We meet and celebrate IoT. We do reflect of course. We are aware of the Matrix. But we think we can build a fairytale as well.