A surveillance pandemic? A community listening session on emergent post-COVID trends, from contact tracking to special powers

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Several of the smartest people we know in the Net activism space are worried. SARS-CoV-2 will be defeated, at some point; but it might leave behind new limitations to civil liberties and privacy. We have had two decades of consumer surveillance; and at least one of the inter-governmental panopticon we learned about through Edward Snowden’s revelations. The right to privacy online has been tenuous at best for quite a while, but it that encroachment has not, so far, directly curtailed basic civil liberties.

Until COVID-19 hit. Suddenly everyone is coding mobile apps to track who has been in touch with whom. There are reports of dodgy companies like Palantir and Clearview AI collaborating with major governments on digital tools to monitor and contain contagion. And, in the rush to beat the pandemic: a formidable social pressure is mounting to “just do what we are told”. At the same time, many activists are trying to mount less invasive solutions; disposable identities that track one’s health status during an outbreak and then are destroyed; or opt-in digital commons.

Which freedoms are we really risking? What do we stand to gain in return?

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