Russian IoT Day 2020: Love, Death and Robots

Russian IoT Day 2020: Love, Death and Robots
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The Internet of Things global community consists of developers and experts, who enjoy the routine workflow of the advantages provided by information and communication technologies and innovative projects. The digital reality becomes a major feature of global processes, which unfold nowadays at the levels of social-economic and intercultural interaction, it addresses the ecological challenges of modernity and contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

The IoT day events are held all over the world. In Russia, the flagship online event “Internet of Things: Love, Death and Robots” will be organized on April 9, 2020, by Russian Internet of Things Research and Consulting Center. The event will be held in the format of an online round-table at Zoom platform, the participants will share their ideas and address the comments presented by IoT evangelists and experts in the field of modern digital technologies philosophy as well as by other interesting and bright people from different fields of expertise.

Main topics of discussions at Russian IoT Day 2020:

· Love and Sex in the Era of Global Cyber-Connectivity: the Body on the Internet and the Internet of Bodies

· Cyber-Physical Systems to Prevent Global Challenges: the Internet of Catastrophes

· Smart Enterprises and Productions: Prospects for Industry 4.0 Development in Modern Cities

Date: April 9, 2020, 19.00 Moscow Time (UTC+3) To join the event at Zoom follow:

Conference ID: 717 444 9469
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