IoTC NOW | Connected Health & Wellness in the era of COVID-19

IoTC NOW | Connected Health & Wellness in the era of COVID-19 Live Webinar
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The coronavirus outbreak is a global crisis that is impacting nearly every facet of life, perhaps none more than the medical field. As brave health care workers treat patients globally, telemedicine is being pushed to the forefront as patients stay at home to prevent further spread, and smart thermometers and heat sensors are being deployed to track the pandemic in new ways.

In this unprecedented era of COVID-19 and beyond, how will connected technologies fundamentally reshape healthcare and wellness?

These key innovations and questions will be examined in an upcoming webinar presented by the Internet of Things Consortium. A panel of experts will share their solutions from robots equipped with UV light beams to remote patient monitoring and then -- in a Q and A session moderated by IOTC President Greg Kahn -- discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Confirmed speakers include:
Dr. Mark Stibich, co-founder and chief scientific officer of Xenex, which builds Internet-connected robots that zap germs from hospitals

Mike Baird, president of customer solutions for Amwell, one of the country's biggest telemedicine providers

James Beem, Managing Director, Global Healthcare Intelligence at JD Power
Date / Time
New York City (Fully Online)
United States
Internet of Things Consortium
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